Don’t Do These Things When You Want Made to Measure Suits

November 19, 2018 , In: Fashion , With: No Comments

The good thing about made to measure suits is that they are perfect for your body shape. You also decide every detail you want on the suit. It takes time to finish the suit given the intricacy of the details. You will also go through several measurements before you can get the final suit. You need to be patient because, in the end, you will receive something you deserve. These are some of the things not to do if you want high-quality made to measure suits.

Having a fluctuating body weight

Avoid going through drastic weight changes within the time that the tailor is creating your suit. Although the tailor is willing to make the necessary adjustments to improve the suit, you don’t want to delay the time to finish it. Maintain a regular diet until the tailor finishes the suit.

Arguing with the tailor

The idea of having a customised suit is that you get to decide every detail that you want. You can choose the fabric, style, buttons, pockets, and many other aspects. However, you will also receive recommendations from your tailor. Your tailor knows a lot about suits, given the number of years creating suits for different people. You need to take these recommendations seriously instead of pushing for what you think looks good on you. It also helps to have open lines of communication throughout the entire process to ensure quality results.

Following the trend

The reason why you opt for a customised suit even if you need to pay more is that you don’t feel satisfied with the choices you find out there. You need a unique suit that perfectly matches you. There is nothing wrong with going through the trends as you see in magazines and online videos. However, you don’t need to decide based on what the fashion industry dictates. The suit might look great on others, but not on you. Therefore, you need to think of a design that matches your personality and preference.

Overdesigning the suit

 Although you are free to design every detail of the outfit, it does not mean that you need to overdesign it. There is nothing wrong if you want to opt for bold colours and designs if you think they would look amazing on you. However, you still need to look presentable. Besides, if you tailor the suit only for one event, you might be unable to use it again for other occasions. It will be a shame considering that you spent a lot of money to buy it.

Think of a design

 If you are now planning to buy a customised suit, you need to start thinking of what you want. The moment you approach a tailor to make a suit, you should already know how you want it to look. Keep it simple but outstanding. Take time to look at yourself in the mirror several times before you tell the tailor that the suit is ready, and you are comfortable with it.