Best Documentaries About The NFL

December 11, 2022 , In: Sports , With: No Comments

The world of documentaries and film is a fantastic medium for interacting with the sport you love – and the sport you enjoy betting on. 

Below is our list of the best documentaries ever made about football and the riveting world of the NFL. 

The Irrelevant Giant

This short-format documentary remembers the life of John “Mr Irrelevant” Tuggle, who was drafted by the New York Giants back in 1983. 

Tuggle was however diagnosed with a rare form of cancer only a year later and passed away in 1985. 

The short is narrated and carried by Bill Parcells. 

A Football Life: Chris Spielman

Part of a series of documentaries produced by the NFL Network, A Football Life: Chris Spielman will resonate heavily with most fans. 

Spielman opted to sit out of the 1998 NFL season as his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But then only a year later in 1999, Spielman received more bad news: a neck injury would mean the end of his professional football career. 

America’s Game

Full title, America’s Game: 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers is possibly one of the best-made NFL documentaries we’ve seen. 

Carried by John Lynch, Warren Sapp, and Jon Gruden, the documentary is insightful as well as entertaining. Definitely worth watching more than once. 

Elway To Marino

Elway to Marino tells the story of how agent Marvin Demoff kept notes on record leading up to the 1983 draft. 

From this came several incredible stories from one of the most (in)famous drafts in the history of the NFL. 

The “what ifs” will leave you tickled for days and you’ll want to check out the latest NFL expert picks to see if you can back a winner from today’s teams. 

The Best That Never Was

In 1981, there would come a major change in the world of college football recruiting. A dozen or so major football programs hung in suspense as they waited for high school running back Marcus Dupree to make a decision. 

At the time, Dupree had been about to beat Herschel Walker’s record for the most touchdowns in the history of high school football. But nobody foresaw what would become a star burned out way too young. 

According to director Jonathan Hock, he accepted ESPN’s invitation to make the documentary without as much as a second thought. To him, he explained, it was a story he had wanted to tell for many years – a story that draws a distinct line between what is wrong and what is right in the world of American sports. 


Undefeated is a documentary directed by T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay. Released in 2011, it tells the story of the many struggles faced by a high school football team: the Manassas Tigers of Memphis. 

The team is eventually turned around by innovative coach Bill Courtney. He helps to transform them from struggling young athletes into a strong athletic and academic team. 

Undefeated went on to win an Oscar for “best documentary”.

L.T.: The Life & Times

This has got to be the best piece of documentary film ever made about Lawrence Taylor. 

Even just the final line is totally worth the entire watch.