3 Ways To Style Malachite Necklace

January 20, 2023 , In: Fashion , With: No Comments

Are you in love with your new malachite necklace? We won’t blame you, as no one can resist this beautiful piece of jewelry. A delicate bobble chain with a bright green malachite pendant does sound like a radiant combo.

Do you know you can get more out of it just by styling this beauty with a few add-ons? So without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into our top 3 ideas for styling a malachite necklace.

Malachite Necklace with Cuban and Figaro Chain: A Stylish Three-Layered Match

Are you ready to take the elegance of your malachite necklace to the next level? Then try combining it with a Cuban and Figaro chain. You are sure to make heads turn with this bold fashion statement!

A Figaro chain with its three circular and one oval interlinkage pattern combined with a chunky Cuban chain is a sure-shot hit. The green hue of your malachite necklace will help enhance the beauty of this blend. Both chains are highly durable, so you can repeat this style for years.

Be it a beach party or family dinner, get ready to receive a lot of compliments with this stunning combo.

Malachite and Pearl Necklace: The Union Of Two Gemstones

A fusion of two attractive gemstones can never go wrong, especially with contrasting colors. The white color of a pearl displays purity, peace, and innocence. At the same time, the bright deep green streaks on the malachite reflect positivity, healing, and prosperity.

The best part is that you can style this combo however you like. Either use alternating pearl and malachite beads or wear the malachite pendant with a pearl necklace. You

can also opt for colorful pearls for a brighter outcome.

This classic fashionable combo will work anywhere, from formal events to casual get-togethers. It even qualifies as one of the most thoughtful gift ideas you can present to your loved ones as a sign of good luck.

Malachite with Cuban Necklace: A Pair That Reflects Glamour

Do you want to look simple yet stand out from the crowd with your jewelry? Then, there might not be a better combo than that of two necklaces, malachite and Cuban.

Before trying this style, you must take care of a few things to get the most out of it. For example, you should mix and match the look of two pieces. A large-sized malachite pendant will go perfectly well with a minimally designed Cuban necklace and vice versa.

Similarly, if one chain is shorter, the other must be longer to create a balanced look. Nevertheless, this styling idea can add a much-needed glamorous touch to your otherwise simple outfit.

Wrapping Up

A malachite necklace is one of the best pieces of jewelry to own, not only because of its elegance but also versatility. You can style it in several ways and flaunt your bold fashion statement.

Whether you wear a single pendant necklace or layer it with multiple chains, this piece of jewelry will always complement your look of the day.