3 Tips When in a Hit-and-Run Mishap

January 17, 2019 , In: The Memory Hole , With: No Comments

The last thing you wanted to have happen in your day was to be in a hit-and-run accident. That said it took place anyhow. When you’re the victim of such a mishap, you will have a lot on your mind.

The first and most important factor in play of course will be your physical well-being. While some hit-and-runs end up being minor, others can bring serious consequences. When they do, one’s life and the lives around them can change forever.

So, how best to handle a hit-and-run when you are a victim?

Your Health Comes First

Given the anxiety and even confusion that can follow a hit-and-run, remain as calm as possible.

With that in mind, focus in on these tips:

1. How is your physical well-being?

Keep in mind that you could have suffered injuries in the vehicle that you do not immediately sense. These can include a concussion or even internal bleeding that can really affect your health. Short of what is nothing more than a fender-bender, receive a medical check. This is from either EMT’s arriving on the scene or at the nearest medical facility. By doing this, you can lessen the chances of ending up with a more serious injury down the road.

2. Compiling information

Despite the shock, do your best to get info on the driver and vehicle. Remember, there is a reason they took off after striking your vehicle. It may be a case of where they were driving with a suspended license or were under the influence at the time. No matter the reason for them leaving the scene, you need to find out who and where they are. If you were able to get a license plate number, go online and follow up on it. Whether a Vermont license plate or another state, you can learn with a click of the Internet about a car and person. With a license plate description, you and authorities are a step closer to solving the case.

3. Deciding on if you need a new vehicle

Finally, you may be in a situation where you are going to have to get another car. If this is the case, will your insurer or the insurer of the person responsible put money towards it? You want to be sure you have a vehicle moving forward that is as safe as can be. This means if you keep your current vehicle that it is roadworthy. If it is not, you definitely do not want to be behind the wheel in it. Take the time to have the vehicle checked by your mechanic or even a body shop. Make sure the accident did not degrade it to the point where your safety could be at risk moving forward.

Learning from the Accident

Even though it was not your fault, you ended up in a hit-and-run after all. That said do all you can to learn from the incident. By understanding how to avoid accidents, you are a step closer to never dealing with them again.