3 Tips for Organizing a Large Christmas Party

November 1, 2018 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

If you’re on the team or committee tasked with planning the big company Christmas party, you’ve probably been brainstorming for ways to make the event special for each employee, company-wide. There really is no way to create the ideal event for every person that will attend, but if you can come up with a few dependable characteristics for the event and throw in a couple of surprises, you will have planned a successful party.

The event is a great opportunity for co-workers to spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere away from the office setting. People don’t always get to intermingle during the weekday, and the company wide events can be far and few between, so it can seem like a special time for everyone. Here are some key tips on organizing the best possible Christmas event.

Decide on a Tone for the Event 

Is the event formal or is the atmosphere a little more relaxed? The food that’s served should fit the mood – in other words, finger food for a formal event doesn’t work, nor do multiple courses work in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Goodie bags and other party favours can add a fun factor that people will appreciate, and games that encourage people to intermingle and have fun with one another are always a hit as well.To decide what games to play, or what favours to give, you must first lock down a tone.

Offer a Keepsake that Commemorates the Company and Event

Besides the venue, the menu and some fun activities that will guarantee the event will be memorable, you might want to consider a keepsake for the attendees. Come up with a clever theme for the event and look up t shirt printing in Toronto to make your idea come to life.

Help employees identify their own departments and others within the company by ordering a different color for each department. When you make the decision to order custom apparel, you will want to choose a company to make your shirts that doesn’t skimp on quality, so make sure you find a screen printing company with good reviews.

Ask for RSVPs So You Can Plan Accordingly 

You won’t want to waste extra money so, if possible, get a general idea of the number of employees that will be able to make the party, that way the committee can keep the budget on point. This will also allow you to pay for the things that are necessary and allow some other fun purchases for the event. 

Send out your RSVPs early, and try to pick a date you know will work for most people (i.e. don’t choose the day before Christmas!). Once you get your numbers back, you can start budgeting – though, bear in mind that this number too might fluctuate, as people’s schedules are liable to change closer to the event.

Whether it’s the company logo, a catchy slogan, or a shirt that celebrates a significant event at the company, you want the party to be memorable long after the day. Pick a compelling tone, order some fun shirts and plan early. The only downside to throwing a great party is that you know they’ll ask you to do it next year!