Skills You Need to Become a Front End Developer

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Become a Front End Developer

The next time you open a website like Facebook or Alibaba, pay attention to how the information is sorted on that page. Take note of where you need to click to make what drop down menu open and what information you will find under what options. Further notice the layout of information and the ease of reading what is on the page. 

You might not realize this, but the way information is sorted on a website – the web design – is extremely important in retaining visitors on that website. In fact, the design of a website can be used to establish credibility for the website. Statistics suggest that around 48% people use the appearance of a website to generate impression about the credibility of that business. 

Front-End Developing

This is often the task of a front-end developer who, as the name suggests, develops the font-end of a website. This then involves coding the website through the use of CSS, JavaScript and HTML to enable functionality of the site for the user. The main challenge here is that with constant innovation, the tools to handle front-end development are constantly changing which means that every few years or so, a front-end developer must update or alter their skills to bring them in line with contemporary trends. 

This makes Front-end development a pretty complex field. Although changes are necessary, there are certain skills that must be learnt to get a job as a front-end developer. Here they are:

1. HTML and CSS

These are the two languages are absolutely essential for being a front-end developer because these are the two that are used for web development. 

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language is one of the most basic languages that you will find around. It has relatively simple syntax and is the most basic language that can be used for web development. On the other hand Cascading Style Sheets forms the second step after HTML has built the foundation of the site and deals with things such as layouts colors, fonts and so on. 

2. JavaScript 

JavaScript is another essential language in the page. All HTML and CSS will do is create a page and define its appearance, JavaScript will be about the function of the language. Therefore, although working on JavaScript can be rather confusing, the JavaScript libraries such as jQuery will help you immensely with its preloaded plug-ins.

3. Version Control

Throughout your front-end development, you will make several alterations to your project and moved on to better versions. However, it is not necessary that every time you try something new, it works. In fact, sometimes your experimentation will fail and your project will go wrong. 

To make sure that in such a case you do not have to completely start over, you invest in a version control system. A version control system will track all the changes that you make to your project and ensure that in case of an error, you do not have to go back to the start.