Javier Burillo – Simple Tips For Saving Money in Mexico City

July 13, 2021 , In: Finance, Travel , With: No Comments

Mexico City really has become something of a paradise for digital nomads and long term travelers in recent years. Beyond the cultural landscape and the fun living you will find here, the ability to live around like-minded people and network with others who are working digitally makes this a very appealing city in which to live. One thing which many talk about when it comes to moving to Mexico City is the low cost of living, but that is only true if you know how to do it. Live in some areas and live a certain way, and prices can be the same here as anywhere else. If however you are smart, you can live very well without spending too much money at all.

Here are some simple tips on saving cash.

Market Shopping

One of the best things about this city is the huge array of markets that you will find, each colonia has one or more markets which sell an enormous amount of goods. This is by far and away the best place to go shopping if you want to trim your grocery costs. An occasional super market shop may be required, but for low cost produce, meat and daily ingredients, this is where to go.

Eating Out

This is one of the few places in the world where it can in fact be cheaper to eat out than cook at home. The only caveat to this is that you will be able to prepare a much healthier meal at home. The point here is that eating tacos or other street food a few times per week shouldn’t be discouraged and it will help you to keep costs down.

Phone Plan

Getting a SIM here is simple and you can load it up with data each month. The smart move however is to get a plan set up with one of the local providers, so that you can get more bang for your buck. Data is everything of course, which is why a plan will suit you much better. You will only be locked in for a short while and you can cancel anytime.

Free Events

My buddy Javier Burillo is really tapped into the city’s organizations and groups on social media and this leads to a huge array of free events. This is something that everyone should look out for because each evening and weekend there are free art shows, music events and many more markets and pop-ups that you can take advantage of.

Getting Around

Everyone loves the fact that ride sharing apps like Uber and DiDi are so cheap here, but getting the Metrobus or the metro is even cheaper, less than $0.20 in fact! As long as you know where you are going and you keep your wits about you, this is a great way to travel during the day and in some cases you can travel many kilometers through this method.

These are simple tips for saving cash in this city.