Jakim Pearson Talks About the Importance of Father’s in a Child’s Life

October 30, 2021 , In: Education , With: No Comments

When I was first asked to do an article about the importance of fathers in children’s lives, my initial thought was that there are plenty of articles out there written by women on their perspective of fatherhood. And while I am sure you can find some great insights from those mediums, this topic is one that needs to be shared from a father’s perspective. I will try my best to keep it short and sweet but allow me to begin by saying this, and there is nothing more important in a child’s life than their father.

Fathers are the driving force that shapes their character into the young men and women we expect them to be when they reach adulthood. We all know how important mothers are in a child’s life, but fathers are equally as important. They encourage boys to be tough and stand up for themselves while encouraging their daughters to be strong and independent.

Fathers also serve an extremely critical role when it comes to the moral development of children. A father serves as an example by how he treats himself, his spouse, his family members. I would not be the Jakim Pearson I am today without my father’s influence in my life. I’ll be honest and say he can be challenging at times, but there is not a day that goes by where I don’t hear him say to me, “I love you”!

It seems like our society has minimized the importance of fathers in a child’s life. We’ve done such an excellent job of tearing the family structure down that we’re tearing our society apart in the process. It’s not just in America either; it is everywhere! 

It seems like when fathers are present, they are looked down upon, and when they aren’t, then there is this uproar about how bad fatherlessness is for children. I’ve heard it all before, “single mothers do a great job!” My response to that is yes and so do single fathers. No matter the circumstances, fatherlessness isn’t suitable for children, and we need to stop minimizing its impact on society.

I know that there are thousands of great single mothers out there doing their best every day to raise good children, and I know there are a lot of horrible fathers out there as well, but that’s no excuse to shy away from the responsibilities that come with being a father.

In closing, let me just say this, we need great dads to step up their game! Fathers have been stepping up their parenting roles over the past few years, and it only helps the children in their lives. There’s nothing more important than a dad taking his role seriously and being responsible for what little people he has created.

To all the great dads out there, cheers to you from your boy! Thank you to all the other great moms who have been doing their best to raise good men and women!