Garden Party Ideas 2021

April 27, 2021 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

Now that summer is on the way and things are looking like they’re getting back to some sort of normality, it is the perfect time to start planning those much-needed get-togethers we’ve missed so much over the last 12 months.

However, with many places requiring bookings and having a time limit on how long you can stay, why not celebrate with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home, or garden to be exact?

In this blog, we take a look at some fun and funky garden party ideas that you can use to bring summer’21 through in style and some garden features that will help to bring them to life! 

Movie Night 

We all miss walking down the aisle, right? No not that aisle. We’re talking about the movie theatre aisle. The one where the posters for the upcoming movies are on display and down each side are the doors to enter a different world, even if it is for just a few hours. 

While cinemas may not be back to where we left them just yet, you can still get away from the stresses of everyday life by making your very own movie theatre right in your back yard! Grab a projector, a laptop, some pillows, a few blankets, plenty of snacks and fairy lights and some friends to create a movie night for the ages! 

Cocktail Party 

There’s nothing like sipping on a refreshing Margarita on a hot summer’s day, is there? Well, why not throw up an impromptu bar where you and your friends can dabble in some cocktail fun!? 

Throw on some summer clothes and your favourite tracks and get shaking and stirring to sounds of the summer with a cocktail party you’ll never forget. All you need here are your favourite drinks, some funky cups and a quality cocktail shaker to get the party started. You and your friends can curate the classics or come up with your very own, off-the-cuff cocktails to keep you dancing the night away.

Fire Pit Nights 

If cocktails and movies aren’t your thing, you can always cosy up around the fire with friends and family reminiscing on the fun times you’ve had together. Throw in some marshmallows and a hot drink to really get the mood going. 

A fire pit is the perfect addition to your garden, especially on those cooler summer nights when the temperature drops and the moon and stars come out to play. Get comfy with some pillows and blankets, throw up some extra lighting to set the mood and gather your nearest and dearest. 

BBQ Time

If sitting around isn’t your thing and the way to your heart is through your stomach, then a classic BBQ party may just be the thing for you! 

Dust off the grill and get your garden furniture ready, invite your friends and family and get the classic tunes blasting to create the barbeque party of the summer. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of a barbeque grilling some good old fashioned burgers and hot dogs (veggie options too of course) with a cold drink in the sun, kids running around playing and catching up with your loved ones. 

That’s why you can always rely on a BBQ garden party to kick the summer off in style! 

Setting the scene 

Ensuring your garden is ready to host a party is by far the most important thing when it comes to having a garden party. If you haven’t already, why not add a new deck using high-quality composite decking that offers extremely low-maintenance properties, as well as superior strength, perfect for a summer time, get together!

Or maybe a new patio using top-of-the-range porcelain paving that also requires minimal upkeep and provides a robust flooring option that will be perfect for anything thrown its way. 

These are just a handful of garden party ideas and garden features that you can utilise to welcome this summer in the way it should be. We hope we have helped and good luck with whatever you decide to do!