Basics Which You Will Need Before You Start Surfing

May 23, 2022 , In: Sports , With: No Comments

As the summer approaches many of you will no doubt be looking to take up new hobbies and sports which will keep you active in the great outdoors, and for many, that activity will be surfing. If you have always wanted to try out riding waves on top of a surfboard, then getting the right kit is critical. Even if you plan to use a surf school who will have kit available for rental, it is a smart option to get as much of your own stuff as possible, which will ensure that you are comfortable when you hit the water. Here are some of the basics which you will need before you hit the waves. 


Wetsuits are not designed to keep you dry when you go in the water, but rather to keep you warm as you spend so much time swimming around. There are a number of sizing options you can go for here, with much of the decision depending on the temperature of the water you will be surfing in. If you are surfing in relatively warm waters then women’s and men’s shorty wetsuits will be all you need to stay warm as these are cut off just above the knee. If however you are heading into colder waters, you should look for a full neck to toe suit to ward off the shivers. 

Board and Bag 

If you are just starting out you shouldn’t look to overspend on your board, as you will be able to invest heavier once you get your surf chops. There are several beginner boards which are low cost and which offer all you need at this stage of your surfing career. It is important that the board is protected when it is not in use so be sure to buy a board bag which will prevent the material from getting scratched or damaged when you are carrying it around. 

Board Leash 

More often than not, you will have a leash included with your surfboard, but usually they are not the best quality which is why you should buy one separately. This is the little piece of kit which will ensure that your board doesn’t go floating away after you inevitably fall off in the water. Additionally, the leash will help you to find your way back to the surface if you bail hard and get swept under the tide. Make sure that you find a leash which is steadfast, and which can be comfortably strapped around your ankle. 

Board Wax

Your surfboard should be constantly waxed as it helps you to gain traction when you stand up on the board. The wax will displace any water so it will not wash off, but as you use the board more you will find that the wax can rub off. Additionally, the wax will offer some protection to the surface of the board which helps its longevity. 

These are the basics which you will need before you head off for your day on the water, but always remember, never turn your back on the ocean, unless it’s because your gliding on top of it catching the wave of your dreams!