6 Top Musicians That Have Played Las Vegas Over the Decades

May 11, 2020 , In: Entertainment , With: No Comments

There is no doubt that when it comes to gambling, there are a few cities that are considered iconic and famous. One such city is Las Vegas. It is often viewed as the gambling capital of the country and there are scores of brick and mortar casino outlets that have stood the test of time. Though online casinos such as gold rush slots are fast catching up, those who want to experience the best of casino gaming experience would most certainly find these brick and mortar outlets irreplaceable. While the city is famous for some of the best casino gaming outlets, there are also a few more things that make gambling a pleasant experience in Las Vegas. It is about the music that is part and parcel of gambling culture here. You can be sure that some of the best musicians will perform in these casino outlets. This has been the culture and history. We are happy to list six top musicians who have played in Las Vegas over the years.

  1. Liberace

The famous American pianist stands tall amongst the many musicians and artists who played Las Vegas. He had some great traits that made him almost irreplaceable. While he did play the latest numbers at that point in time, he was able to establish a perfect rapport with the audience. He would literally move into the crowd and mingle with the audience. He was also popular for flashing his large sized diamond rings and would seek opinion from the crowd about them.

  1. Siegfried & Roy

They are often considered as an embodiment of the big American Dream. They moved to Las Vegas from Germany and they became an awesome fair that was able to enthrall thousands of customers across many casinos in Las Vegas. They were also animal lovers and they were seen moving round with small baby cheetahs in their hands. They were often considered to be combination of Liberace and Doug Henning. Ironically, their career came to an end when Roy was badly mauled by a tiger. They still continue to be talked about for their music, flamboyance and their unique way of attracting the audience.

  1. Elvis Presley

Yes, the legendary Elvis Presley was known to have performed for a very long time at the famous Las Vegas Hilton. He had 837 consecutive performances and each one of them was a complete sellout. His fan following was simply humongous and there were shows that drew more than 2000 fans. He was literally mobbed by his fans and he did not let them down. He did his bit to integrate with them by handing out scarves and other such belongings.

  1. Celine Dion

Celine Dion is another phenomenally famous artist, who has performed to adoring fans in Las Vegas. She was a regular performer in this city and not many stars of her standing have come and performed in this city as frequently as she has done. The sheer scale and size of her performances was breathtaking. Many other big names like Cher, Bette Midler and Sir Elton John took cues from her and performed here in this city.

  1. Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold set his sights on Las Vegas in 2008 and has been able to stay ahead of the curve and many people still talk about his Planet Perfecto and consider that night as a game changer in more ways than one. He has set the trend and today there are many DJs who make six figure incomes by performing in Las Vegas. However, the credit for this should go to Paul Oakenfold for his forethought and visionary approach when it came to performing in Las Vegas.

  1. Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton has earned the title of Mr. Las Vegas and this has not happened without reason. He has performed a staggering 30,000 shows in the city. He has played in almost every major hotel of the city and the casinos attached with them. He also seemingly filled in for the legendary Sammy Davis Jr. who had to drop out because of an unavoidable reason. He is known for his gracious presence and has an electrifying impact on the audience even today.


The above six musicians are just a few of the many dozens who have entertained and enthralled the city of Las Vegas and the various casino centers that are part of almost each and every hotel.