5 Home Decoration Mistakes To Avoid

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If you’re in the midst of decorating a room in your home but things just aren’t looking or feeling right, don’t leave things the way they are. That’s because it’s most likely nothing that a quick rearrangement of things can’t solve.

In fact, the reason things may not be looking right in your home could be because you’re just making a common decoration mistake or series of mistakes.

Is your room looking too cramped? Is it not flowing properly? Are the colors off? Does it not seem welcoming or inviting?

The good news is there’s no need for any of this to stress you out. In this article, we’ll cover the top five decoration mistakes to avoid, they they are mistakes, and how you can easily avoid them.

Without any further ado, here are five home decoration mistakes to avoid:

1 – Your Rug Is Too Small (and the Furniture Not Arranged Properly Around It)

One of the biggest (and yet simplest) home decoration mistakes of all is choosing a rug that’s too small and/or improperly rearranging the furniture around that rug. It’s also a mistake that can be easy to make.

The last thing you want is a small rug, especially if your room is on the larger size. Ideally, you’ll want to have a squared shaped rug with the front two legs of the chairs in the room and the two legs of the sofa along the side.

You’ll also want to have any of the following combinations: two sofas, four chairs, or two chairs and one sofa.

2 – Your Artwork Is Too High

Most homeowners make the mistake of hanging their artwork too high on the wall. But you shouldn’t have to look up to view that artwork.

Instead, hang the artwork at eye level. Yes, the height of people can vary significantly, so you’ll need to exercise your best discretion. If you’re a naturally shorter person, you may want to hang the artwork a little higher than your eye level. Vice versa, if you’re tall, you may want to hang it a little lower.

3 – Your Window Treatments Are Too Long

Another big mistake is for your window treatments to be too long. Your curtains and drapes should never be drooping over the floor. Instead, they should just skim the surface, if even come into contact at all.

Generally speaking, the shorter your curtains and drapes are, the better. At the same time though, you don’t want them to be too short, or they’ll have a very similar effect to pants that are too short.

You can also avoid this problem completely by going with window blinds or shutters over curtains to begin with. Wooden blinds or faux wood blinds in particular are highly effective at regulating light and offering you excellent privacy while simultaneously giving your room a natural look.

4 – You Line The Walls With Furniture

Another common mistake, in small rooms especially, is to position furniture directly up against the wall. The idea is that this will open up more room in the middle to make the room look more spacious.

In reality, however, the opposite effect can occur. Furniture that is completely backed up against the wall will rarely make your rooms flow well or look nice and can actually restrict the amount of apparent space. In other words, there should be enough space between the back of the furniture and the wall for you or someone else to walk through.

5 – You Have Too Many Pillows On Furniture

Last but not least, adding multiple pillows on your furniture can just make that furniture (and your room as a whole) look rather messy. Instead, you can solve this by opting for a more streamlined effect.

As a golden rule, you should have a maximum of two pillows on either end of the sofa, and just one pillow would be more preferable. If you are going to go with two pillows, they should be of a smaller size. Chairs, meanwhile, should have a maximum of one pillow regardless of size.

Home Decoration Mistakes To Avoid

Hopefully this article has given you a basic idea of some of the simplest home decoration mistakes that are commonly made by homeowners. Now that you are aware of these mistakes you can avoid them, and furthermore, maybe you’ll continue your research to find out more decoration mistakes so you can avoid those ones as well.